Police Organizations and Culture: Navigating Law Enforcement in

Today’s Hostile Environment

Sworn to protect and serve, police officers who stray into deviant behavior may become a citizen's worst nightmare. An honest look at the formal and informal processes of becoming blue, Police Organizations and Culture is a unique combination of academic research based on Chief Scott Silverii's doctoral research and more than 25 years in law enforcement.


The book seeks to answer the ultimate question: Why do police organizations and individual cops behave the way they do. Right or wrong, there is a powerful culture that controls behavior and expectation. Chief Silverii explains how personal and professional lives are changed, and what effects that has on a public dependent upon their police agencies maintaining an ethos of Serve and Protect.


Chief Silverii's decades in police special operations groups and administration also lends a guiding perspective to officers or would-be officers who want to make law enforcement their chosen profession.

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