Just like every heavy hitter in the Bro Code Series, we’re not going to jerk around with light weights for getting toned up. We’re heading over to the heavy rack to get spiritually pumped up. We are in it to win it, and this is why I am so thankful to God that you are here. You were not born to suffer in the agony of past pain, shame or regrets. You are a king, priest and warrior.

I know it’s tough. Possibly the toughest fight you’ll ever experience, but when we look at the prize versus the consequence, then this is the best battle to press into. I have a dear friend who has served as my spiritual mentor for years. When I began to see the potential for victory in my war against the pain of a past that had kept me in bondage for so many years, I often asked why it had taken so long to understand the need to be free.

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