New 10 Week Study Guide Included


I wrote this for men, my "Bros", in hopes of encouraging you to embrace your alpha manhood without having to worry about being attacked for it. Now, the truth is, we can do better. In some cases, much better, but until we know where we've been, there's no way we'll ever know where we're going. Can we continue to crawl through the same daily grind?

The purpose is to encourage you to build the better man. Not that you aren't freaking incredible the way you are, but let's be honest, if there weren't at least a few rough edges in your life, you wouldn't be reading this. And, if the Bro Code Series was given to you by someone as a "gift," then maybe you haven't noticed how rough your patches are. As for me, I'm still sanding down rough spots, and working to be that better man, so there's zero judgment among Bros. 

There is so much more to life than merely getting by. We were created to be rulers, conquerors, kings and priests. It's in God's holy Word, and yeah, that's kind of a big deal.So, what do you say, let's skip the grunting and get down to living the life we were meant to live.

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